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Technology - Experience - Innovation

Amygdalab designs, implements and manages complete software and hardware integrations, primarily in the banking, insurance, corporate (enterprise) and public administration areas for electronic identities, electronic signature and strong authentication projects.



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The generation of complex and tailor-made processes has led Amygdalab to develop, the most complete platform on the market for the management of complex remote identification processes. The solution was born from the need to manage end-to-end identification processes, from the first contact through to the document signature, the process flows seamlessly giving a natural user experience.

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Agnostic Solution

Its agnostic and highly integrative nature makes it possible to link the best solutions on the market to process management - workflow - without ever remaining tied to sterile proprietary technologies and - at times - unable to comply with customer needs.


 - needs of simplicity of medium-small customers,

- highly complex companies, managing all possible integrations with existing systems


Made by experts

Amygdalab is a company of 10 specialists in the ICT sector, from 7 different countries and manages, through its multiculturism, to propose highly nnovative solutions capable of providing a complete digitalization of numerous types of business processes, and not.


  • International knowledge and experience

  • Remote working orientation

  • Scrum and Agile design


Not only Security, but great User Experience

The digital onboarding of customers - which has now become a necessity in the generation of new opportunities and new customers - nevertheless presents a twofold challenge today: maintaining safety standards and legal compliance, while guaranteeing a customer experience without friction.


The right balance of User Experience and technology allows to be one of the most advanced solutions on the world scene.

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Find us on Linkedin allows the identification of end users through a simple, intuitive process with the highest level of security and compliance. Very easy integration with existing processes, predefined workflows and high levels of customisation make digital onboarding the best solution to use. It is capable of removing the barriers of distance between customer and company, improving the user experience and enhancing safety.


& Onboarding HUB.

IDWorkflow +

Manage every kind of process in a complete end-to-end digital way..

Amygdalab is now part of AliasNet Group. Aliasnet - in more than 30-year history - has developed specialized market and industry knowledge, forged by deep relationships in tech, finance & insurance sectors, focus today to an innovative vision. Aliasnet invest in sectors in which we have trust and expertise, giving value to them. The group work with our company to tailor value and support long-term growth in all sectors.

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