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We are on a lookout for an enthusiastic and highly-experienced OA Engineer to focus on our core solution, built around remote identification processes management. As our new QA Engineer, you will have the chance to make a considerable difference in the quality, superiority and reliability of our product, by bringing the current testing process to a new level – automation. 

Daily Responsibilities:


  • Analyzing current approaches and developing a strategy for automating the testing process.

  • Driving an Automation first approach for unit, system and integrated system testing, and contributing to platform integration and performance tests.

  • Solving defects; drive investigations into problems and correction actions relating to recurring problems.

  • Coding automated tests for the feature, system and integrated systems testing phases.

  • Participating in platform code reviews with developers.

  • Promoting shared goals of creating high quality software.

  • Contributing to agile practices and automation for stories in sprint delivery.

  • Contributing to CI/CD pipeline design, build and maintenance to support quality engineering practices.

  • Creating and reviewing solution documentation.


Skillset required:


  • Strong understanding of QA Processes, Methodologies, and Testing Strategies

  • Vast experience writing test strategy, test cases, overate and end to end testing of web-based products.

  • Ability to programmatically test the product, measure test coverage, develop the best automation, drive testability and diagnostic ability into the product, while promoting best practices in quality areas

  • Extensive hands on experience developing automation testing using Selenium, Cypress, Appium, Cucumber or similar automation tools

  • Good understanding of Object-Oriented Programming languages

  • Demonstrated ability to manage expectations and timelines according to project needs

  • Strong knowledge of Agile

Required skill

for all candidates

Open Minded

Ready to remote work

Ready to improve your knowledge and master it!

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